Medium Srl has created Caffè the most read weekly in Rome and Lazio, the Acqua & Sapone magazine the most read monthly in Lazio (Ipsos), the most visited local site (Google Analitics). Effective means to be used as tools for corporate communication.

The press is in crisis all over the world, but in Italy, the flight from paper newspapers also takes a form of protest against information that is too subservient to power and too deployed. Riding on this dissatisfaction, since 2002 we have been bringing the paper newspaper back to homes, as already happens in over 30 cities where Il Caffè is the most widely read newspaper, because it is the most credible newspaper. Plus it’s free. Il Caffè is a real newspaper, a weekly of local news, of “seriously independent” information.

Everyone can say they are free, but we have been proving it since 2002, when it all started. Since then we have received boycotts, threats, complaints from all parties (absolutely everyone), who wanted to silence us. We have received more than 100 complaints, all filed by the magistrates, because when we write we are only looking for the truth.
The Café must not defend or accuse anyone, because it thrives on advertising, not on friendships and lobbies. The motivation is not only ethical, but also economic: the newspaper must be read by everyone, because the more readers it has the more advertising it sells. This is the best guarantee not to be dependent on any power.
Coffee grows and is loved by its readers, because it does not publish fake news and does not want to convince anyone of anything, but carries out courageous independent investigations that other newspapers avoid doing, because they affect the interests of their ‘financiers’.
Our scoops have been cited several times by the major national media and have been the subject of numerous parliamentary questions.

This is the legitimate question that all savvy readers ask themselves. Well, here is the answer: two small entrepreneurs who insist on placing their work at the service of people, of life, of truth, of common well-being. The undersigned Alberico Cecchini and my partner Stefano Carugno, managing director. Two marketing technicians passionate about communication and life development who did not want other partners, despite having received many attractive offers, to remain completely independent in order to be able to follow their passion with all the freedom to make it better.
We both have two very young daughters and we think about their future and that of all young people, to give an example of authentic professionalism, justice and true solidarity. We don’t like this Italy and we fight every day against moral and civil degradation. We make no compromises and we don’t look for shortcuts to success. Giving up a lot of money. For example, we do not accept government grants or bribes disguised as advertisements, or advertisements for slot machines and gambling, fortune tellers, wizards and prostitutes.

We do not want to remain impassive in the face of this great suffering of all in seeing a city and a country so blessed, as Rome and Italy, rot so painfully in the poverty of corruption and in lies.
This newspaper is an answer to all of this, a seemingly impossible challenge, but one that is achieving great success, fueled by the readers, entrepreneurs and professionals who advertise on these pages.

Out of any Freemasonry, any logic of power, any deception. With professionalism soul, hope, positivity.