The Medium Srl publisher recognizes the right of rectification according to the provisions of article 42 of law 416/81, which replaced article 8 of law 47 of 1948, which reads:

“The director, or in any case, the person in charge is required to have the statements or corrections of the subjects whose images have been inserted or to whom acts or thoughts or statements have been attributed free of charge in the newspaper or in the periodical or in the press agency they consider them to be harmful to their dignity or contrary to the truth as long as the declarations have no content susceptible to criminal prosecution “.

As regards the methods of rectification, the same law provides:

“For newspapers, the statements or corrections referred to in the previous paragraph are published, no later than two days after the request was made, at the head of the page and placed on the same page of the newspaper that reported the news that is good for you . For periodicals, declarations or corrections are inserted, no later than the second number following the week in which the request was received, on the same page that reported the news to which it refers. Has determined and must be inserted in their entirety, provided it is contained within the limit of thirty lines, with the same typographical characteristics, for the part that refers to the disputed statements. “


Anyone wishing to request the correction of the content of an article published by one of the newspapers owned by the publisher Medium Srl must send an e-mail to or

The request must contain the applicant’s personal details, as well as a telephone contact that will be used by the editorial staff in case you want to ascertain the truthfulness of the data provided and the explicit reference to the standard for which the correction is requested.

The text of the amendment must be contained within 1,000 characters (including spaces) and delivered as a .doc file, without any text formatting (i.e. without colors, underlining, capitalized words, …)


Medium Srl has every interest in providing correct information to its readers, therefore, before requesting a correction in accordance with the law, it is advisable to contact the editorial staff ( If recognized as valid, the applicant’s reasons will be the subject of a new article that would complete or clarify or even correct the one previously contested, even more thoroughly than the 1,000 characters of an official correction allow.

The rectification law, as well as the lawsuit, is often used as a threat to journalists, to try to silence free information. Those who really want to argue with the content of an article with which they disagree, resort to a healthy dialectic by contacting the editorial staff and can certainly have more space and greater satisfaction.


Anyone wishing to assert the right to be forgotten with reference to any personal data contained in the articles of the newspaper and processed by the Publisher in the exercise of journalistic activity, we remind you that the Data Controller is the Publisher itself, Medium Srl, at which one can contact, for the purposes of this right pursuant to art. 17 of the GDPR, by writing to the Data Controller at one of the following addresses:

Medium Srl, Via Aldo Moro 41 / f, 04011 Aprilia (Lt)



The request will be examined by the editorial staff and will be accepted if the requisites provided for by the law in force are met.

We remind you that the cancellation or variation of an article on the website does not involve the automatic and immediate corresponding to the modification on search engines (such as Google) to which you must contact directly.

Usually the modification of the article is however automatically recorded by the search engines within a maximum of a couple of weeks.